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Kimono in the 20th Century at Pacific Asia Museum

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Kimono in the 20th Century at Pacific Asia Museum

Dear all,

Please go to Pacific Asis Museum to check out the latest exhibitions.

Kimono in the 20th Century

March 30, 2012 - March 10, 2013
In the Frank and Toshie Mosher Gallery of Japanese Art

This exhibition features a gift in 2008 from the June Tsukamoto-Lyon collection, which provided breadth and further quality to Pacific Asia Museum’s already substantial collection. Kimono in the exhibition run from the most formal type reserved for very special occasions to children’s clothing, undergarments and light summer wear. Fabric patterns in the kimono range from deep black with reserve details in white, to Op-art that dazzles the eyes, with each garment giving a strong sense of the wearer’s taste, the modes of contemporary fashion, or requirements of the season in which the kimono was worn.