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Japanese Talkie Film Exhibit---MOMA

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Japanese Talkie Film Exhibit---MOMA

Although this is not a film review or an exhibit I have been to, I felt that this was a fitting thread to post this new exhibition at MOMA. I know very little about early Japanese cinema but am aware of the development of "talkie" films in film history. This exhibition will focus on the Japan's experience transitioning from silent films to talkie films, which was a gamechanger for the film industry. I know it is in NYC, but I think it's really neat to see an entire exhibition devoted to this topic. It looks like they will be screening many films that were made during this time. It just opened today 5/6/15. Although it is impractical for us to catch a screening in New York, the films listed give a good idea of recommended movies that exhibit that transitional period. I'm sure we can probably get our hands on some of the movies via Netflix or through some other internet source. Enjoy!