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3rd trip to LA Korean Cultural Center

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3rd trip to LA Korean Cultural Center

On Nov 29th 2011 San Pedro High students including those in the Chinese Culture Club will be going on out third annual field trip to the LA Korean Cultural Center.
The buses are provided by the LA Korean Cultural Center if the school is over a mile away from the center.
"KCCLA field trips are free and they do cover the cost for ONE BUS PER SCHOOL up - to $350 (Maximum cost is $350) for minimum of 20 people (maximum 65
people including teachers and chaperones)."
Since at this time I cannot ask for substitute coverage from school or Lady Boosters, I will have to negotiate with other teachers and have them cover my classes that cannot go and I in exchange will cover for them during my prep time.
This would be the third time the Chinese Culture Club takes this trip, and it would again include a stop at the Korean shopping center so the kids can purchase some goodies.
I use a very reliable and LAUSD approved bus company and get very good service.
The person in charge of paying the bus and scheduling your visit as well as in charge of the tour is:
Rick Phillips
Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles
Consulate General of the Republic of Korea
5505 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone - (323) 936-7141