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Mongol: Film

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Percy Ortiz
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Mongol: Film

This is a good film to show 7th grade students when teaching on the Mongols, which falls under the unit of China. It lets 7th graders have a better perspective of how Mongolian tribes lived and how they moved around. It also lets them get an idea of who the Mongols were right before the headed south to defeat China and then began spreading west towards the Middle East and Europe. Its also a good way to let students compare and contrast life in the Chinese centers, which were highly urbanized, and life in the steppe where people mostly raised sheep or livestock. I would first recommend for the teacher to see it and then decide what parts to show. There is nudity for about a second, and its in the background. Furthermore the film revolves around the early life of Genghis Khan and the visisitudes he experienced after his father's assassination and his rise to a Khan. 

David Walsh
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Mongol: a film,

Thanks for sharing that.  I happen to be Teaching this topic currently so I'll try to check it out soon. David