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Modern Woman in China

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Modern Woman in China

I decided tat my curriculum lesson would revolve around modern woman in China and feminism. I really enjoyed all the lectures that involved this topic as I could connect to it growing up as a young woman. It is so important for young woman to understand the impact culture, values, and societal views have on one's identity. After viewing the leftover woman short film, I started to see many parallels to my Mexican heritage. Many of the perceptions and expectations women have in Asia are very similar to what Latinas have to endure. Our goal is to be pretty, be obedient, and get married. However, just like in Asia, this expectations is changing as more and more woman are becoming educated and marrying at a older age. An idea for this topic is to have students create memes on how woman in Asia feel about these expectations and the societal barriers they have to face in their daily lives.