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Unit on the Two Koreas for my Contemporary Asian Classes

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Kara Schwartz
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Unit on the Two Koreas for my Contemporary Asian Classes


I am currently wrapping up this Unit with our students.  I create Units for Amy Luce's Contemporary Issues in Asia. I was truly inspired by the class the Two Koreas and so I created this unit for the class.

For a few classes we went over the slide show which included infomoration about North and South Korea and included video (Under the Sun and an video from National Geographic on North Korea) We also watched Kpop vidoes, a video on the greening of Seoul and the river restoration. I provided articles that I found in class, and articles that I found on my own.

The students also spent time discussing Cranes, which they read in class. This conversation led me to believe that they understand how difficult life can be in North Korea. We talked about symbolism as well. 

So, the assignment which they are working on right now and for a few class periods after break is to create their own slideshow and present. I also should note I brough in Dragon Fruit flavored candy for them so they can almost taste the fruit in Korea. Dragon fruit is very expensive, but maybe next year, I will make a desert.

I also mentioned the variety of movies and tv shows from South Korea available to them on Netflix. 

I truly enjoyed teaching this unit. I started this Unit the week we had our last class USC online meetup, and I think the students are enjoying it too.