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TEA at the University of Colorado: Cultural Encounters

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TEA at the University of Colorado: Cultural Encounters

Our NCTA partners in Colorado, the Program for Teaching East Asia, has released a new collection of teacher-developed lessons—Cultural Encounters: Teaching Japan in World History. This online curriculum features seven secondary-level, historical-inquiry lessons on Japanese encounters with peoples, ideas, technologies, and institutions of Asia, Europe, and the United States from the Asuka/Nara periods to the present. Reconsidering historical narratives of Japan as “isolated,” the lessons feature, a variety of primary and secondary sources, address national content standards and Common Core skills, and contribute new topics and themes to supplement current world history textbooks’ coverage. This curriculum is made possible through funding from the United States-Japan Foundation.

Please take a look at the collection. Which do you think you might use?
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Message from csanchez

Thank you for sharing this! I definitely appreciate the standards for AP and Common Core that are listed in the lesson plans. Because I will be teaching High School I want to use the lesson plan titled, Above and Below the Mushroom Cloud: Perspectives on the Atomic Bombings. I love how easy it is to access the resources and also to access additional resources that are hyperlinked. This makes it so much easier when looking into ideas of what to cover and how differentiate assignments. The lesson is broken down step by step and by days, I think that thorough and allows for adjustments when needed. I am excited about using this lesson and incorporating a new perspective into my World History class that is not Eurocentric.

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Message from edelafuente

As Spanish Teacher I could easily incorporate this lesson plan in my Spanish 2 class.
In the textbook that we use in class, we have a unit related with natural disasters and these lessons become very handy to go beyond the text book.
Thank you for sharing!!!
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Carissa Sadlier
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TEA - NCTA at the University of Colorado

The TEA-NCTA at the University of Colorado has online book groups and online seminars for teachers. I did an online children's book study, to use in the classroom, and then we had a webinar with the author.  I don't know if Catherine Ishida runs the program, but that is who I worked with and she was fantastic! This year they had an online seminar looking at Chinese History through its Dynasties. The program was easy to navigate and also I believe the time/units count for NCTA if you want to do the travel program.