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The Tale of Peach of Blossom Spring

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Hilda Dixon
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The Tale of Peach of Blossom Spring

The tale of Peach Blossom Spring


The tale of Peach Blossom Spring is a window of ancient china that describes and enriches our understanding of two Chinese dynasties Jin (317-420) and Liu Song (420-479).  It is a tale that has been kept alive too by reading, drawing and making videos about it. The significance of cultural tales in general is that tales are short and full of symbolism that nurture children’s imagination. Learning about different tales is more evident in Los Angeles county where there is an ethnically and culturally diverse society. Incorporating the cultural and historical voices of other countries is always important especially in California because some population of students might see themselves reflected in these tales while others might learn about other countries. Sharing multicultural tales from other countries here in USA acknowledges a specific culture such as in this case China within a place and a specific time frame in Chinese history. Additionally, through listening to the tales, students can learn about other elements that reflect typical sceneries of other countries such as in this case blossoming peach trees, bamboo and mulberry groves, and sunflowers. For the purpose of this unit plan, students will engage in this ancient Chinese tale of Peach Blossom Spring written by Tao Yuanming in 421.

Attached please find my electronic unit plan.