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Shinto VS Buddhism

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Shinto VS Buddhism

Shinto VS Buddhism
I follow the steps below, to teach about Shinto and Buddhism in Japan. I have included a powerpoint with a venn diagram, that you can use with a smart board, and have students participate in brainstorming and filling out the Venn Diagram. If you would like, I like to lead my students through 3 different meditation techniques. The techniques are outlined in the website mentioned below in step 4.

1. Read texts about Shinto
East Asia: A cultural, social and political history, pg 140-142 “Ancient Religion”

2. Read texts about Buddhism
Mc. Dougall Littell, pg 257-58 “Buddhism Spreads in Japan” and “Zen Buddhism”
East Asia: A cultural, social and political history, pg 147-48 “The Introduction of Buddhism”
Watch Film- "Understanding World Religions: Buddhism"

3. Venn Diagram: when students finish reading about each religion, and watching the film about Buddhism, have them take notes in a Venn Diagram, similarities and differences between Shinto and Buddhism.

4. Meditation: use Buddhist meditation Techniques using the following website:
(website has direct instructions on how to lead students through meditation)

a. Tense/Relax
b. Deep Breathing
c. Lotus Meditation

If you have any questions please email me at