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Pacific War Lesson Plans from WW2 Museum

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Pacific War Lesson Plans from WW2 Museum


Below are examples of lessons. 2 lessons are attached. There are many more online.

Pearl Harbor: Analyzing FDR's Pearl Harbor Address

Students will analyze two drafts and an audio recording of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech to Congress in order to explore how primary sources are created, and how there's as much to learn from the process of writing as from the final result.

Strategic Decision-Making in the Pacific

Put your students in the driver's seat of history with this lesson, which asks students to re-negotiate real-life tough choices from World War II in the Pacific. This method helps students understand history as being largely the result of a multitude of individual human decisions.

Race and War in the Pacific: A Propaganda Gallery Walk

Students analyze Japanese and American wartime propaganda to compare the combatants’ ideas about each other and evaluate propaganda as a source for historical research.

Evaluating the US Decision to Drop the Atomic Bombs

In this lesson, students learn that historians can reach very different conclusions about the same historical event, sometimes even using the same evidence.

Picturing the War in the Pacific: A Visual Time Line

This lesson combines photo analysis with chronological reasoning skills, and also asks students to think deeply about how historians must select and prioritize historical events when writing about the past.