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New Silk Road and Intergrated History lesson plan

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New Silk Road and Intergrated History lesson plan

Integrated Lesson Plan Introduction:


Here I am once again, spending well used time as a participant in yet another USC East Asia program for educators. One may assume that continuing to study East Asia might become redundant given my past participation in several USC Easy Asia cohorts.

On the contrary, from informative readings to the exceptional commentaries by many of its participants, I have learned just as much from this brief online course, as I have learned from several in class discussions in times past.

Having said that, this blended approach to learning history using videos, articles and selected readings, provides a more timely, relevant pedagogy for Chinese studies for world history classes. There are many applicable links to websites which can be used to engage learners, as well as address differentiated learning modalities.

Readings for this course are rife with compare and contrast elements that directly relate to: immigration, aging populations, economics, trade, political reforms, declining birth rate, as well as the environment.

I noticed many similarities between immigration reform from south Asia into China and that of immigration from South America into the United States. Towards that end, I plan to use selected readings from classes one (1) through five (5) and videos for my economics, US History, World History and cross cutural sessions to introduce students to the transnational interdependence that is the reality in international relations.


These required and optional readings should be used in place of a textbook on contemporary Chinese affairs and can be easily modified for remediation and Advanced Placement coursework.

Overall, these resources are excellent for interdisciplinary units combining math, geography, economics, politics, culture, and language as detailed in my multi-day lesson plan.