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Many things are already at hands reach

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Many things are already at hands reach

These weeks I am in the section of the book in which a Japanese story is analyzed, coincidentally this is happening right before I attend the Cool Japan: Japanese Pop Culture at Home and Abroad Workshop.
Right before we went on Thanksgiving break, the students had to start reading and working on “Posada de las Tres Cuerdas” (The Three Strings Hostel) written by an Argentinean author. The textbook we use in this Spanish Speakers 1 class is Nuevas Vistas 1, and it provides the author’s biography, some illustrations and the short story.

Having this lesson already in the curriculum facilitates the teaching about Japan. After the lesson, I can expand more as the students as well as I will have some basic understanding of Japanese culture.

The attachment is a basic draft of the activities and online sources that I am using.