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Many Countries Celebrate Lunar New Year- Kindergarten

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Many Countries Celebrate Lunar New Year- Kindergarten

Age Group: Kindergarten

Day 1: Introduction to Lunar New Year


  • Students will gain a basic understanding of what Lunar New Year is and why it's celebrated.
  • Activities:
  • Circle Time: Greetings and Sharing
    • Begin with a simple greeting and encourage each child to share one thing they like about celebrations.
  • ​Story Time: Lunar New Year Story
  • Read a short and colorful picture book about Lunar New Year <The 12 Days of Lunar New Year> by Jenna Lettice.
  • Discuss basic concepts like the lunar calendar and the animals associated with each year.
  1. Group Activity: Calendar and Seasons

    • Use visuals to introduce the concept of the lunar calendar.
    • Discuss seasons and how celebrations are linked to changes in the calendar.
Day 2: Cultural Crafts and Activities


  • Engage students in hands-on activities to explore Lunar New Year traditions.


  1. Art and Craft: Making Red Envelopes

    • Explain the tradition of giving red envelopes during Lunar New Year.
    • Assist students in creating their own red envelopes using red paper and stickers.
  2. Cooking Activity: Making Simple Treats

    • Introduce a basic Lunar New Year treat like rice cakes or dumplings (Southern & Northern)
    • Allow children to participate in a no-cook or easy cooking activity.
  3. Show and Tell: Lunar New Year Objects

    • Encourage students to bring in or share objects related to Lunar New Year (decorations, toys, etc.).
    • Facilitate a show-and-tell session.
Day 3: Celebrations Around the World


  • Foster an awareness of different ways Lunar New Year is celebrated in various countries.


  1. Simple Presentations: Country Posters

    • Assign each child a country that celebrates Lunar New Year and help them create a simple poster with pictures and a few sentences.
    • Display the posters around the classroom.
  2. Group Activity: Parade Play

    • Create a mini "parade" with students using simple props like paper lanterns or hats.
    • Discuss the idea of parades during Lunar New Year celebrations.
  3. Music and Movement: Cultural Dance

    • Play traditional Lunar New Year music and teach a simple dance or movement activity.
    • Encourage children to express themselves through movement.

  • Assess participation, engagement in activities, and the ability to follow simple instructions during crafts and discussions. Remember to keep the activities short, use visuals and props, and allow for flexibility based on the attention span of kindergarten students. The goal is to introduce the cultural concept in an interactive and age-appropriate way.