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Lunar New Year for First Grade

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Hannah Klein
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Lunar New Year for First Grade

I am so grateful for the opporunity to plan this interdisciplary ELA/Social Studies unit on Lunar New Year that I will launch right when we come back from winter break. Just on a personal note it feels great to know that I'll already have this planned and will be able to more fully enjoy my winter break. So thank you!

In this 2-week long unit, I will use readalouds, visual images, and arts and writing practices to engage my first grade students in the inquiry cycle to learn about Lunar New Year, building vocabulary, reading/listening comprehension, speaking and listening skills, and engaging in a collaborative research process. After engaging in whole class discussions and exploring inquiry centers to build our knowledge, we will decide together how to share our learning and culminate our study (through a party/parade/class book/presentation for another class?). I'm really looking forward to it! See my plan at the link here and feel free to comment with suggestions/questions!