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Lesson Plan-Chinese culture

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Christine Xu
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Lesson Plan-Chinese culture

This lesson gives students an opportunity to learn and understand Chinese culture better.

Students learn that culture gives people a sense of who they are. 

Before students examine their own cultural backgrounds and United States culture, they will develop a working definition of culture, and this will help them learn Chinese Mandarin better.

Sandra Soltero-...
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Chinese Culture Lesson Plan

Christine,  I think your lesson plan on Chinese culture is a great one!  I like your approach about teaching students that culture gives people a sense of who they are.  Culture has such a varity of different meanings to different people that it is important to establish a working definition of culture so that students can identify and be aware of all different cultures.  I like the idea of using the film to have students have other perspectives as well.  This lesson is one that I can see myself using in my class with my fourth graders.  Thank you for sharing!