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Learning about Asia just by looking at visuals

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Learning about Asia just by looking at visuals

Students can discover and interpret visual material.

We can explore maps of a city
satellite view of countries
photos of art work
photos of a place before and after (modernization, war, pollution, natural disasters, etc)
images of deities to point at what the details tells us

This is the last discussion I opened to the Chinese Culture Club at out google groups:

Let's have a day to see images and interpret meanings
what about observing maps?: locate the Asian countries. Locate the border countries of China, etc.
for example look at this image

[font=Times, 'Times New Roman', serif][/font]

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Message from qhuang

Visual tools are great.

You sparked me with the idea:

At the begining of a class about China, have students bring pictures or items that represent China/Chinese culture (or can be things they think is from China). Have a disscussion about China/ Chinese culture (or the culture/country of your choice.)