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KPop Lesson

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KPop Lesson

Visual Cultures Assignment


Grade 9-12


Objective Students will be able to explain the influence that KPop had on Youtube’s popularity. Students will also be able to discuss how KPop is primarily concerned with visuals rather than exportation of Korean culture and music.


Materials Needed Projector, Writing Utensil, Paper



  • Teacher asks students what they know about KPop

  • Teacher may show prepared videos/images of KPop music videos or KPop stars in ads for products or take suggestions from students

  • Teacher will show chart of Youtube viewings of KPop from 2010-2013 and a chart showing Youtube views from inception to 2013 and ask for written observations of both charts.

  • Students will share their observations

  • Teacher will encourage students to consider that Youtube featured largely amature videos before the KPop industry used Youtube to reach fans internationally.

  • Teacher will lecture explaining that KPop is better understood as an exemplar of reaching an international audience through visual communication rather than an exportation of Korean music. Teacher lecture based on notes and video lecture.


Extension Assignment: Students will watch one KPop video and analyze it for ad placements and visual and oral cues that would appeal to a western audience.