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Korean Sijo Poetry

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Korean Sijo Poetry

Korean Sijo Poetry
This provides a complete curriculum unit (about 10 40 minute class periods) on the Korean art of Sijo poetry. As I was researching for my own curriculum unit, I came across this lesson. This would be a great lesson for any English class. The lesson shows the connections to Shakespeare’s ballads, Japanese haiku, and Chinese T’ang poetry. I teach 10th Grade World History and unfortunately, would not have time to teach this entire unit. I would, however, be able to spend a portion of a class period looking at examples of sijo poetry.

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Message from lstribling

I really liked this lesson plan as well. I teach sonnets, particularly Shakespeare, and I think I will use some of these poems as contrast. I teach English, so I probably would not be able to use the whole thing, but the structure of the lesson plan is very solid. It gives me some solid ideas I can use in the future. One of my frustrations is that there needs to be more time to teach all of the things I want to teach.

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Sijo Poetry website

I tried to access this website, but was unsuccessful.  Has this website been updated?  Does this website lend itself to elementary students if adapted, or is it primarily of interest to high school teachers?  

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Sijo: Korean Poetry Form

I've attached my lesson plan on the sijo below.

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Your lesson plan is really well thought out. I think having a template allows students to break down the parts of a Sijo. Allowing students to think creatively in a small writing assignment like a Sijo can be challenging and an exciting break from writing a more traditional narrative response. Adding the element of a parody will definitely give students a chance to show off their sense of humor. This breaks the stigma of poetry always being deep and sentimental, but Sijos can also teach students how theme can be shown in a "less is more" form. I hope to teach Sijos and Haikus in my classroom in the future!