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Korean Cuisine

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Haena Shin
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Korean Cuisine

This curriculum project allows students in the Kindergarten to 1st grade to tie in their own culture with Korean cuisine as they explore the history of Bibimbap.

Dennis O'Connell
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Add to my introduction of Korea

Hello Haena!  I try to introduce my students to the major East Asian countries of Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and China.  I am always looking for new lessons I can do with each of these countries.  Even though your lesson is based on a kindergarten class, I can use many of the resources you provided in my third grade classroom.  I especially appreciated the video watching someone prepare Bibimbap and the paper cut outs of the ingredients.  Even though my students are older, they will still get a kick out of putting their ingredients into the stone bowl one by one!  While I do not see me doing any real cooking in the classroom, I can see where watching the video and discussing the many new ingredients will be another way for my students to appreciate the Korean culture.  Thank you!