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Japanese Internment a Challenge to Democracy

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Japanese Internment a Challenge to Democracy

I am attaching my lesson plan designed for 11th grade US History

Tiffany Chang
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Japanese Internment

This is such an important WWII topic that students need to study as it was on US soil. The general American mindset of WWII includes Pearl Harbor and fighting outside of the US, but for Japanese Americans, this was a very real and devastating time as they had to prove their loyalty. I teach near the Santa Anita race track in a district that is predominantly Asian, but many students did not realize that WWII history was in their very own backyard. Last year, we had a guest speaker visit our school to talk about her experiences living in these relocation camps. I was very moved to see that my students wanted to learn more and could not believe that the US could sign such a document. When given the chance to hear from someone who witnessed and lived through those time periods, students would empathize and these stories stay with them.