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Imperialism, WWI, and Communism in China

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Imperialism, WWI, and Communism in China

Day 1: Imperialism in China (Not Consecutive Lesson Plans)
Overview: Students will gain an understanding of European motives in Asia, and by contrast, Chinese views of European Imperialism.
Standards: 10.4.2 Colonial Rule, and 10.4.3 Perspectives of Colonizers and the Colonized
-Mapwork: (attached) completed map, also shown in textbook, Modern World History
-Outline Map: for students to complete

-Website Research: Imperialism in China:
Varying Perspectives:
-Political Cartoon Analysis: (attached) variations shown online and in textbook
-Critical Thinking Questions:
What European Nations held territories in China?
What motives did Europeans have in China?
How did the Chinese perceive European Influence?
Consider and discuss the history of Europeans interest in Asia.
-Reflective Writing: Briefly summarize the history of Europeans in Asia. Consider the
European motives in Asia. Consider the point of view of the Chinese in regard to European imperialism.

Day 2: China’s Involvement in World War I
Overview: Students will gain a better understanding of the colonies involved in contributing to the war effort, including the contributions of the Chinese as Laborers in Europe.
Standards: 10.6.1 Effects of WWI, 10.5.1 Total War, 10.5.4 Contributions to the War Effort
-Articles: provided from the US-Asia Summer Course
Boehler, Patrick and Cedric Sam. The Forgotten Army of the First World War: How Chinese Laborers helped Shape Europe
Oneill, Mark. Q/A The Fates of 200,000 Chinese Laborers in Russia WWI

-Socratic Seminar: Critical Thinking Questions
What Motivations did the Chinese have in getting involved in WWI?
What reasons did the Europeans have to disallow the Chinese from participating as soldiers?
What impact did the Chinese have on the war effort for the Allies in Europe?
How did the role of the Chinese differ from that of the Africans and Indians?

-Reflective Writing: What new information did you learn from the articles and the discussion?
What motivations did the Europeans and Chinese have in their actions during WWI?

Day 3: French Influence on Chinese Communism
Overview: Students will gain a better understanding on the various historical, economic, and social factors that led to the rise of communism in China.
Standards: 10.9.4 Rise of Communism in China, Chinese Civil War, and Mao Zedong
-Website Analysis:
-Who’s Who of Chinese Communism
-Rise of Communism in China
-The Chinese Revolution and Chinese Communism

-Optional Research for Homework: Independent Research using YouTube
-Discussion in Small Groups: [font=Arial]Analyze the Causes, Influences, and Factors of the beginnings of Chinese Communism[/font]
-Students will discuss what caused the beginning of communism in China. Was the
cause a person, a country, a specific factor or group of people in China?
-In 9 small groups students will discuss and then create a thesis statement for one
students to share aloud to the entire class. If a group differs on their answers, then 2
group members may share their perspectives.
-Argumentative Essay: Analyze China’s History with the West, including France and Britain.
Consider the Historical background of each nation and what influenced China to become a communist nation. Also consider the social, economic, and historical factors in China during the early 1900’s.
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