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Family Planning Propaganda

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Family Planning Propaganda

Grades 9-12


Objectives Students will exercise their analysis of visuals and understand that the Chinese government has altered its propaganda on family planning over time.


Materials Needed  Projector, Writing Utensil, Paper, The Atlantic Article China's Colorful Family-Planning Propaganda



  • Teacher will show one poster from 1970s and one poster from the early 2010s and ask students to write down what they see in each poster and  what they think the message of each poster is

  • Teacher will ask students to answer the following questions in pairs or a small group

  1. In what year do you think the poster was created?

  2. Who are the characters in the poster?

  3. What else do you observe?

  4. How did audiences respond to the poster at the time?

  • Students will share their responses as a whole group.

  • Teacher will offer a lecture on China’s population over time and government attempts to control the population. Teacher will use multiple posters from 1970s and early 2000s to demonstrate changes over time in the ideal number of children in a Chinese family.


Extension Assignment

Students will find recent news articles on China after the One Child Policy. Students will write 200-250 words on the challenges the government is currently facing.