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Curriculum Project: Korean Pop Culture 2022

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Curriculum Project: Korean Pop Culture 2022

Korean Popular Culture Lesson Plan

Explanation: This is a 2-3 day lesson plan revolving around the exploration of stress on the body and mind. This lesson is intended to be used within a high school Psychology course and could be used during homeroom classes as well.

Rationale:  I would incorporate this lesson into my current AP Psychology class.  The class periods are about 55 minutes long, and this would take longer in shorter class periods and might take less time if class periods are longer.

Content Objectives: Students will be able to identify different types of stress, and will discuss and plan out ways for a person to help deal with stress, and manage stress levels.  They will discuss the intense stresses that are put on K-Pop stars, and how this may affect their mental and physical well being in terms of stress/emotions.


Day 1:

Introduction to Stress and its effects on the body.  

  • 10-15 minutes:  Students will watch and take notes on the video Emotion, Stress, and Health: Crash Course Psychology #26. This video introduces the physical and mental effects that stress has on the body.  
  • 5 minutes: Introduction to BlackPink: Light Up the Sky, documentary on Netflix. Students will be asked to complete a chart where they identify the potential causes and effects of stress on the members of the K-Pop group.
  • 35-40 minutes: Watching the Documentary.  This documentary on Netflix is about 80 minutes long, so it will be cut into two class periods.  Students will view the documentary and take notes as they watch.


Day 2: 

  • 40-50 minutes: Finish the documentary. Students will finish watching the documentary from where they left off on the previous day and will continue to fill in their chart where they see different potential causes or effects of the stresses the K-Pop stars experience.
  • 5-10 minutes: After the documentary ends, students will have the opportunity to share about some of the causes and effects of stress that they notice to help other students finish their chart.


Day 3: 

  • 5 minutes: review of previous days activity, instructions for current day’s activity
  • 50 minutes: Students will get into groups and be assigned a member of the K-Pop group.  Each group will get a card with the members name and a list of stresses (made up from the previous days’ discussion).  Students will discuss the stresses that their assigned group member is experiencing, and will develop a plan for that member to follow to help them manage and navigate through the stresses they are experiencing.  These recommendations will be filled out onto a poster to be turned in at the end of class.

Assessing Student Achievement:

Students understanding of stress, its causes and effects and different strategies to manage stress will be assessed by reviewing the posters that students submit at the end of day 3.  Students should present a solid understanding of the causes of stress experienced by their specific K-Pop group member, and include complete and reasonable recommendations for what that group member should do to manage their stress.