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Curriculum Project Chinese Dragon Achievements/Inventions Project

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Alison Douglas
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Curriculum Project Chinese Dragon Achievements/Inventions Project


Time: approx 1 week

  •  A rationale for the proposed unit 

  • Rationale:  Students will have knowledge of the Chinese inventions/achievements of the Medieval time period and how they changed the world.  For example, gunpowder was used for fireworks but then was used for weaponry and changed warfare forever.  

  • We will also discuss how inventions and cultural achievements spread to other countries.  What are some of the impacts? Not only is it inventions and/or achievements but can be other influences such as food, religion, architecture, and ideas.  All of these together change places over time.  I will relate this to students’ interest in cultural foods, popular culture in music and movies.  All of which together can blend together and influence regions all over the world.


  •  Skill and content objectives according to your state or district standards 

o Identify which of these is addressed by your lesson plans. 


  • 7.3  Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of China in the Middle Ages.


  • 5.  Trace the historic influence of such discoveries as tea, the manufacture of paper,  woodblock printing, the compass, and gunpowder.


  • Materials:

    • Chromebook

    • Construction paper

    • colors/markers/crayons

    • pens/pencils

    • Glue

    • Scissors


  • Detailed lesson plans

    • Ask students what type of inventions/achievements that China has contributed to the world today?  How do these impact the world? (who benefits and why) What are some other aspects from Chinese culture that influence other regions throughout the world?

    • I will first show them a Mankind: Story of All of Us clip to introduce such achievements as silk and gunpowder.  They will then watch a short video EDpuzzle: Journals through History to get an overview of some of them as well as their importance.  Students will be able to relate the achievement/invention to the importance that it plays in the world today.  

    • After they have answered the questions on the EDpuzzle they will take notes (see attached) 5 complete facts and a picture example for each invention/achievement. They will use the article titled “Chinese Invention Article” as well as the Textbook pages attached. 

    • They will need to fill in the following chart discussing at least 5 complete facts about the achievement/invention, how it changed the world, and include a picture example

    • After they have the knowledge they will be put into groups of 4 people and have to create a Chinese Dragon that includes all of the inventions/achievements- they will need to design a dragon together, they will need to choose colors based on their meaning in Chinese culture.  They will then add their illustration and description to the dragon and complete the project.  These will be displayed in the classroom

    • See students examples attached


  • A plan for assessing student achievement

  • Students will be assessed on their ability to complete the project

  • Students will be assessed on their knowledge of the achievement/inventions and how it changed the world

  • They will be assessed on creativity and effort on their finished dragon, along with their detailed explanation of each achievement/advancements


Final Reflection:

  • Modernization and the expansion of advancements in technology would also be a focus that I would like to incorporate into my curriculum.  We discuss inventions such as gunpowder, woodblock printing, and silk just to name a few.  All of these inventions had a huge impact on the world and it is important to discuss how technological advancements are needed for a society to prosper.  The curriculum project that I do with the Chinese dragon is a fun way to get the kids engaged in the importance of such advancements and how they change the world forever.  The invention of gunpowder led to the successful overthrow of many empires.  It also has allowed for more advancements in warfare, which have made countries very powerful today.