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Chinese New Year Project 3-Day Lesson Plan

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Lin Wang
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Chinese New Year Project 3-Day Lesson Plan

Day 1 

Learning Goal: 

I can recognize and explain the symbolism of the Year of the Tiger in Chinese culture. 

I can follow the lyrics and melody of the song "Tian Shi". 


Standards Alignment: 

Interpreting Cultural Products – Students will interpret and analyze the cultural significance of the zodiac within Chinese New Year traditions.

Presentational Speaking & Performance – Students will recite and perform a culturally significant song demonstrating comprehension and pronunciation.



Year of the Tiger Video: Start the class with a video about the Year of the Tiger, to introduce the specific zodiac of the year.

Singing "Tian Shi": Go over the lyrics of the song "Tian Shi" and practice singing it. 

Homework : Practice the song and bring scissors for the next class.



Day 2 Activities:

Learning Goal: 

I can identify basic paper-cutting patterns and attempt to create them. 

I can create simple and complex paper cuttings and describe my creative process. 


Standards Alignment: 

Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives – Students will relate the practice of paper cutting to the broader cultural values it represents, such as luck and happiness.

Creative Expression – Students will express themselves through the creation of art that reflects cultural practices.



Practice "Tian Shi": Continue practicing the song.

Introduce Paper-Cutting Culture: Discuss the cultural significance of paper-cutting in Chinese culture.

Paper-Cutting Videos: Show videos demonstrating how to make simple ("Easy 春" and "Easy 窗花") and advanced ("Advanced 春" and "Advanced 窗花") paper-cut patterns.

Student Participation: Students share their thoughts on paper cutting and try making paper cuts themselves. 

Homework: Create two paper cuttings at home.



Day 3 Activities:

Learning Goal: 

I can recount the story of Nian and name the 12 zodiac animals. 

I can complete activities and worksheets related to Chinese New Year and participate in a group singing performance. 


Standards Alignment:

Interpretive Listening – Students will interpret the key details and main ideas of stories and legends related to the Chinese New Year.

Interpersonal Communication – Students will engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.



Practice "Tian Shi": Another round of practice for the song.

Story of Nian Video: Present a video explaining the story of Nian, which is central to Chinese New Year traditions.

12 Zodiac Animals Video: Show a video about the 12 zodiac animals to educate students on this aspect of Chinese culture.

Worksheets and In-Class Practice: Distribute and work on worksheets related to the Chinese New Year.

Homework : finish the worksheet


Further Discussion and Answers:

  • CNY Celebrations: Discuss how to celebrate Chinese New Year with a day-by-day guide for 2022.
  • Fill in the Blanks: An activity to complete sentences related to the Chinese New Year.
  • Traditions: Go over various traditions observed during the Chinese New Year.
  • Presentation: Conclude with a presentation titled "What do people do during Chinese New Year".
Alison Douglas
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Response: Chinese New Year

Lin Wang, this would be a great extension to the project that I do with my students.  I really like the idea of learning about the Chinese calendar and their zodiac animal. It would be interesting for the kids to see their zodiac animal and learn about them. This is a good idea to get them connected to some of the Chinese traditions.