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China - social studies

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China - social studies

Please share social studies lessons you've developed relating to China. Please also share links to lessons available elsewhere that you wish to recommend.

1. You may upload lesson plans, readings, handouts, presentations, etc. All standard formats work, but you may only upload one file per post. So -- to upload multiple handouts, etc., please combine them into a single file and upload that.

2. The best format for file sharing is pdf. There are several programs that can convert your file into a pdf. Some are available for free, others have a free trial period. Several programs let you create pdf files, by having you choose to "print" to pdf. This means that you click "print" and then, before printing, you choose the pdf printer from the list of your installed printers.

Some programs/websites:

Cute PDF Writer free program for Windows

PDF converter website converts your file and emails it to you

Primo Online website converts your file (or a webpage) into a pdf and emails it to you

3. Please put the topic for your lesson and the targeted grade range (e.g. Communism, high school) in your subject line.

Please feel free to comment on or offer additional resources for any lesson plan. Please hit reply to comment on a lesson.

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Message from pcampuzano

Free materials for Red Scarf Girl[Edit by="pcampuzano on Mar 18, 6:15:44 PM"][/Edit]

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The History and English teacher had team up to work in the literature and historical context of this book. We are atttending together the workshop.

4:30pm and end at 7:30pm.
Mount St. Mary's College,
Doheny Campus in McIntyre Hall,
Donohue Conference Center.

If you would like to know more:

Sarah Brucks
Office Manager & Events Coordinator
213.202.2811 ext. 21
Facing History and Ourselves
350 S. Bixel St. Ste. 160
Los Angeles 90017[Edit by="pcampuzano on Mar 18, 6:12:45 PM"][/Edit]
[Edit by="pcampuzano on Mar 18, 6:13:42 PM"][/Edit]

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Message from pcampuzano

Aditional Resources I found:

The Bowers Museum on its website has guides and Presntations free to be used in the classroom:
They have the newest exhibit about the Silk Road:

and from there you can get many more things, including presentations about China:

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Message from mchristov

Attached please find three lesson plans under "INTERNATIONALIZING THE CURRICULUM: EAST ASIA IN A 10TH GRADE ELA UNIT"
edited by mchristov on 1/9/2011