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Asians in Latin America

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Asians in Latin America

Lesson Plan: Asians in Latin America

Day 1- Intro: Asians in Latin America
1. Ppt- “Asiáticos en Latinoamérica”- Students will learn what Asians have migrated to Latin America, where and to what extent. They will also understand how they have influenced the latino culture.
2. Activity- Students will recreate the flags of the three major Asian countries that have migrated to Latin America: China, Japan and Korea. (template available)
3. Beyond- In groups, students will take on the role of one of the three (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and write a letter to a loved one in their native country explaining why they had to migrate to a country in Latin America and explain why they chose to relocate to that particular country.

Day 2- Piñatas
1. Ppt- “Piñata”- Students will learn the history of the piñata and its connection to the Chinese culture. They will also understand its significance.
2. Activity- Students will make their own piñata, the shape of an animal, just as the original Chinese ones. (Instructions available)

Day 3- Origami
1. Ppt- “Origami”- Students will learn the history of origami and the variations that exist.
2. Activity- Students will make their own origami figures out of paper.
( offers great videos to guide students in origami)
3. Homework- Students will make a Venn diagram of the differences and similarities between the Asian and Latino cultures, with more emphasis on their similarities. (template available)

Day 4- Conclusion
1. Discussion- Students will discuss the similarities and differences that they researched for homework.
2. Ppt- “Semejanzas entre las culturas”- Similarities will be further emphasized through the powerpoint.
3. More about the culture. Chinese zodiac - handout available “Los doce signos del zodiáco chino”. Students will see if their personality matches that which is described in the Chinese zodiac.