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Asia Week III

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Asia Week III

Here is an outline for this third week of Asia integration into the classroom. The complete lesson plan will of course be forthcoming.

Day One: Language Arts (Informational Text)
Students will look at diaries from various points of view during WWII in order to interpret meaning.

Day Two: Visual and Performing Arts: Music
Students will listen to and interpret modern English songs with references to Asian historical leaders, and create their own musical lyrics based on historical figures from California's past.

Day Three: S.T.EA.M.: Robotics
Based on the Jade Rabbit, Chinese lunar rover, students will design their robot lander to navigate obstacle course that mimics lunar surface.

Day Four: S.T.EA.M.: Robotics
Students continue previous lesson, naming their rover for culturally significant Chinese or other East Asian reference. Students will design a mission patch similar to N.A.S.A. mission patches. Create a friendship rover between U.S.-China? Or have them battle it out for Lunar supremacy!

Day Five: Visual and Performing Arts: Visual Arts
Students will explore the various incarnations of the moon cake and come up with creative ways to expand the moon cake tradition.
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