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USA vs. China (Comparison)

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USA vs. China (Comparison)

I teach at the high school level and sometimes I teach Government. If your student are anything like mine, they are curious about China and they know that China is a global power but they don't know much else. I came across this website and I thought it would be great for kids to be able to compare the two nations in various ways that they maybe interested in.

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Message from iverdin

I love this tool. This is great for my students. I can have them compare China to any of the Latin American countries they need to know information on for their AP exam, especially for communist and socialist Latin American governments. Thank you for sharing it!

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Message from bmitchell

Wow! This is extremely useful information! A little out of date, but I could see the broad information being very useful for comparing countries, especially when paired with some more updated date, asking students to find primary sources for looking at how things are now, and how they've changed.

Thanks for the link! Definitely bookmarking this one!

Lin Kuang
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Very useful info.

This link shared here is very useful for us to understand  why the  two countries are relying on each other in various ways. Even though they are trying to limit each other's developments so that they could send the clear messages to the world their leading pocitions in economic, educational, and other fileds. China's fast gorwth  threatens the leading position of USA in the world, so that US government tries to keep the powerful lead.

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Haiku Three-line poems

How to write a haiku, the Japanese three-lines famous poem style. The first line has four words. The second line has three words and the third four words. It can be used for warm-up, at the end of the class, or for the whole period. All depends how you want to use it. Have fun.