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Interesting Tidbits

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Molly Cowan-Johnson
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Interesting Tidbits

In one of our seminar discussion we talked about how important it is for our students to experience or be exposed to the variety that exists in our world.

I like to use interesting tidbits either in the form of interesting people that don’t usually come into the main narrative or activities. I don’t like to call it a hook but that is kind of what it is…something to get the kids interested in the subject.

When we talk about Japan I like to start off with a quick origami activity, usually the international peace crane. You can get origami specific paper on Amazon for pretty cheap. I like to open lessons with these interesting tidbits. Heads up origami is hard…even for high school students. There are tons of youtube videos for different origami lessons.

For China, I like to use interesting people like Bruce Lee and his impact on the film industry. Or

Lin Siniang who was just a badass lady of China.
Then for Korea the band, Jambinai, who combines modern instruments with traditional instruments. It is really cool: