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Youth (芳华, Fang Hua)

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Youth (芳华, Fang Hua)

-       芳华 (fang1 hua2), Youth

Directed by Xiaogang Feng, written by Geling Yan (Chinese with English subtitle)

This movie was set in the 1970-1980 of China. It chronicled the lives of a group of art troupe in the People’s Liberation Army of China. During the day, these young girls and boys practiced Mao-era songs and dances for the troupes, to show their loyalty to Mao and to the Communist Party. At the night, their curiosity of the outside world was displayed in front of you by body-tight shirt, boot-cut pants, sunglasses, etc., all symbols of the Capitalism. The sharp contras of Mao-era songs, dances and “decadent” music of Teresa Teng (That’s how it was labeled in China at the time) brought their stories to life, loyalty, betrayal, love, and lust. Most people are aware the economic impact of the Reform and Open Door policy in the late 70s. This movie showed you the changes from a culture aspect.

 I showed this movie in my “From Revolutionary Songs to Popular Songs” unit. Students learned different type of songs in China in different era, the importance of the music from Confucius’ point of view, reflects their “1st” song, the one impact them the most.

I hope that you will like this film too.