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Sean Lobberecht
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The film Xuanzang is a 2016 Chinese film that tells the story of Xuanzang’s almost 20 year journey during the period of the Tang dynasty. Xuanzang wanted to travel to Sidhu in order to study and return to China with original Buddhist texts. I feel this movie can be used in my 7th grade geography and ancient civilization class in many ways. One of the major ways in which this movie could be used in my class is to teach students about the spread and ultimate power of Buddhism during this time. Along Xuanzang’s journey he encounters many people and most of them want him to educate them in the ways of Buddhism. This shows that Buddhism was spreading fast and many people were flocking to the religion. This movie can also give great insight into how isolated China was. Along Xuanzang’s journey he needs to be careful because only people with permission can leave. It gives us good insight into how China governed its land and the movement of people. This movie also gives us a good look at the geography of the region as Xuanzang travels across most of east and southern Asia. Overall I think it would be a stretch to play this movie front to finish in its entirety but I think showing different segments that speak to China’s isolationism, the geography of the region, the spread of not only Buddhism but of goods and ideas, and also just Buddhism itself. This movie is also useful for teachers who teach India as well. As Xuanzang travels to India, it gives insight into daily life there and the caste system.