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Wolf Warrior

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Flor Contreras
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Wolf Warrior

Chinese Action/Adventure film. Wolf Warrior takes place in Modern Socialist China. The Wolf warrior, Leng Feng is a police special forces officer who is an expert sniper. After a disobeying an order, he is recommended to join a especial force call the wolves. Feng is being chased by a group of hired assassins that want him dead. Feng has killed a powerful business man's little brother in an earlier operation. This man want to complete  a vendetta on Feng.

What I found interesting on the film is how the film displays the old fashion military might in contrast with the new technology in the holographs, high tech cameras and satellites pin pointing movements. Feng is victorious at the end after a brave fist fight with the mercenary assassin who had belittled Chinese intelligence.

The end does have a moral that is “do not underestimate the chinese army bravery” as one single warrior could bring foreign forces down. This is good propaganda advertising again the strong, righteous will of the Chinese army.

How I will use this film in class: I will probably will not be able to show this film in my high school classroom. The film contains too much R rated violence for my school audience. What I could probably use is when some pieces with high tech scenes are shown. It could be also interesting to assign students do research on the Chinese army capacity (weaponry, foot soldiers, ranking, etc) and border immigration laws.

Catalina Silvestre
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Wolf Warrior in Middle School

Wolf Warrior Film Review


The film featured a team of Chinese Special Forces who take place in a drug bust.  The main character assassinates the head of this operation, which is the younger brother of a man of power who leads a pharmaceutical company and is planning to implement pharmaceutical warfare amongst the people.  There is a simultaneous hunt for the main character as her fights in his new wolf warrior pack and is fighting to save his life from a hit that has been placed on him. 

This film does incorporate a lot of blood and death so I’m not sure if showing this to my younger group would be appropriate, however I did like the fact that I had subtitles which is essential to tracking when reading though they did move across the screen pretty fast.  For a higher secondary group this could be beneficial to show and relate to and explain the war tactics that are used.