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What is a Kimono?

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Terri Vest
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What is a Kimono?

What is a Kimono? overviews the history of the kimono and examines ties to Japanese culture.  It's a great, simple overview of the kimono-making process from weaving to constructing to wearing the garment that would be appropriate for middle school as well as high school students.  I think a great way to use this video would be to view the video and discuss the cultural aspects of kimonos such as the seasonal nature of many of the patterns.  Then, students could design their own kimonos explaining the symbolism of each component.  Last, since a kimono is 8 rectangles sewn in straight lines, we could actually make kimonos and display in our room.  


Additional resources:

Kimono Types and Designs:,used%3B%20none%20is%20thrown%20away.