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Warriors of the Rainbow

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Amir Osterweil
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Warriors of the Rainbow

This is a film set in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation. It captures the essence of imperialism beautifully and brutally. It focuses on a indeginous tribe that eventually rebels against the Japanese occupiers but is slaughtered in the end. While this movie has excellent examples of how imperialism works, it also has some very violent scenes, definiately rated R. What I enjoyed about it is not only the story it told of a little known uprising againts the Japanese, but the perspectives the film gave from colonized and the colonizers. It explains why the Japanese were in Taiwan and from their perspective they were modernizing the country. In addition, it shows how the Japanese were abel to exploit tribal differences, divide and counquer, a common tactic used in imperialism. It also highlights the technilogical superiority the Japanese had over the indigenous tribes, which is why they were subdued relatively easily .