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Using films: Youtube Teachertube vimeo

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Using films: Youtube Teachertube vimeo

Just a sample of an infinite of possibilities.
There are many sources for videos available and when one has time to search and sort, there is a good chance to find amazing documentaries.
I saw the following documentary that was sent to me by a friend in Colombia, and after watching it I realized that this type of material could be used incredibly well for classes, and that I don't always have to show a feature film.
This video is about a Japanese/Colombian man who has been able to be happy in two very very different cultures. He jokes around as he describes the challenges and advantages of being from two so different racial and cultural backgrounds.
Watching videos as this could be used as part of the note taking practices I have recommended before as well as for the informational material in it.

there is access to youtube now at LAUSD.