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Us and Them

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Sandra Flores
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Us and Them

I can use this movie to discuss some of the main themes in the AP Spanish Language and Culture curriculum.  The themes that are applicable are: Contemporary Life, Family and Communities, Global Challenges.

Contemporary Life: The students will be able to compare the daily lifestyle of young adults in China and a Spanish speaking community.  In this film we see a group of students traveling to and from their native towns and schools.  Another topic is celebrations and customs. The movie show the importance of New Years' celebration and students can compare it to another important celebration in the Latino community such as Day of the Dead or The Carnival.   

Family and Communities: The students will be able to compare and contrast the values and morals of both communities.  In the movie, we see the family celebrating New Year's Eve and discussing what a young woman should look for in a husband. This is similar in many Spanish speaking countries.  Young adults are expected to meet certain roles to be considered a good partner.  We can also discuss the kind of families that exist today.  In the film, the protagonist do no have parents.  One is "adopted" by his uncle and the other one is accepted into a family. 

Global Challenges:  The film shows how many young people migrate to the city to have a better life, but they encounter many obstacles: unemployment, harrasment and high cost of living.  We also see illegal street vendors trying to make a living, something that also happens in Los Angeles and Latin American countries. 

Although this is a love story and has no historical context, it reflects culture and contemporary life.  And love is universal, therefore everyone can connect to this movie.