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The Uncanny Counter

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Ingrid Herskind
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The Uncanny Counter

I was looking for fun and engaging Korean films on Netflix during Thanksgiving break and stumbled upon "The UnCanny Counter" based on a Daum webtoon called "Amazing Rumor". This is actually a television series about a group of demon hunters called "counters" who are hunting demons on Earth and posing as employees at a noodleshop. The story is fantasticly unique and energized. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it and enjoy the characters and their "superhero" abilities. The youth of the characters and the vibrancy of the noodleshop bring the stories to life and make the audience want more episodes. I think high school students would enjoy the exploits of So Mun and would related to the human side of his story of loss and disability and then courage and empowerment. I also liked the city scenes and daily life of the noodleshop.