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Two Koreas Film Review

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Courtney Caldwell
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Two Koreas Film Review

Film Reviewed: Frontline-Secret State of North Korea


While not a film, it’s a documentary episode of PBS Frontline which I am planning to use at least in part in my World History Summer School class this year. I think while there may still be bias, the fact that there is footage that has been secretly filmed and smuggled out of the country can be really telling/informative. 


We are often given only one story of North Korea in textbooks that I actually think really focuses more on the politics and foreign relations more than the consequences on the people of North Korea. I specifically went to look at the textbook we use at our school, and it covers the war and a brief paragraph or two on the after effects.  I think this Frontline documentary episode actually helps to understand more in depth about life in North Korea under an incredibly strict totalitarian regime. 

I think this in combination with a lesson that focuses on the aspect of how North Korea got to this point would be really fascinating for students.