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Turning Red

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Taylor Bub
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Turning Red

For my film review, I watched the film "Turning Red".  This is a coming of age film about a young Asian girl growing up in Toronto.  The film addresses the divide and differences between what might be expected of the main character, Meilin, and what she really wants.  Meilin struggles with finidng the balance between what she wants as a young person, and what her parents, specifically her mother, expect of her.  In the film, when Meilin becomes upset she turns into a giant red panda, and learns to calm herself down by thinking of the people she loves and cares about most in the world, which are her friends.  It would be cool to use this in class as a way to provide students with perspectives on different backgrounds and other cultures.  Students can analyze differences and similarities that they find between their own background and Meilin's background.

I currently teach AP Psychology, and it would be interesting to review this film when we discuss developmental psychology.  The mother in this film could be described as a "helicopter mom", which is a parent that hovers over their child ad does not alllow their child to go out, or do things without their being present.  The students could discuss the potential negative effects that Meilin might experience as she continues to grow and become an adult.