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Train to Busan

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Mario Ruiz
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Train to Busan

For my film review, I decided to review "Traing to Busan" on Netflix. "Train to Busan" is a South Korean action-horror zombie film that was released in 2016. This film would be most appropriate for the students who are in their later years of their high school careers due to the amount of violence and language throughout. The story follows Seok-woo as he accompanies his daughter on a train ride to Busan. As they are embarking on their journey, a zombie apocalypse breaks out and the remainder of the film chronicles the characters' "whatever it takes to survive" attitudes. The film tackles many different themes such as sacrifice and selfishness. At the start of the film, many of the characters are selfish in their will to survive. However, as the epidemic becomes worse and worse, they begin to realize that they need to sacrifice more in order to survive. In some instances, they must make the ultimate sacrifice for the survival of the group: themselves. I feel like this film would be a great resource in teaching the students how sometimes sacrifice is crucial in life and in relationships. An activity that I feel would benefit students would be to create new scenes where the students take a specfic scenario from the movie and re-write it with ideas of what they think would happen if the character did or did not make any sacrifices when needed and how would that affect the outcome of the situation.