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"Take Out"

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"Take Out"

Take Out is a film that takes is in the life of the principal character Ming Ding. Ming Ding is a recent Chinese Immigrant working for a take out restaurant in New York City as a deliveryman. The film starts with two enforcers working for a local Chinese loan Shark. These enforcers locate Ming Ding sleeping after a long day of work. They are there to collect a payment for Ming Dings smuggling fee. Ming Ding is unable to provide the full payment due. Later we learn that the loan shark is charging Ming Ding 30 percent for the loan. The Loan enforcers after physically abusing Ming Ding inform him that he has until tonight to provide the balance of the payment due. Ming Ding's co worker allows him to make his deliveries, thus earning him more money from tips. Throughout the film, Ming is followed throughout the upper Manhattan neighborhood. Most of his deliveries are made to low to middle income customers. Periodically, we see Ming Ding delivering to higher income customers. Ming Ding receives moderate tips. On a few occasions, He receives no tips and bad treatment.
After working hard throughout the day under the pouring rain, Ming has made some money to keep the loan collectors at bay. A late request for food delivery comes in after the restaurant closes. The manager asks Ming Ding if he's up to delivering, Ming Ding accepts, after making his final delivery, Ming Ding is robbed of his days earnings. This tragedy emphasizes the challenges of the lives of many Chinese immigrants. Fortunately for Ming Ding, another co-worker lends him the money that Ming Ding needs for the loan enforcers. The film ends with Ming Ding riding his bike late at night under the bright lights of New York City.
With the exception of some of the language used in English subtitles, this film would be useful in sharing with high school students in Los Angeles Unified. Many students, would be able to relate to some of the challenges of Illegal Immigration. I'm sure that some would understand the financial and personal sacrifices made on their behalf. I's certain that this film would invite dialogue and understanding. I recommend this film to all educators.