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The Spy Gone North

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Sophia Kang
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The Spy Gone North

This movie is set in 1993 Korea as tensions regarding nuclear weapons escalate. The main character is a South Korean spy is assigned to acquire secret information from the North Korean nuclear facility. In order to infiltrate, he establishes a business in North Korea and eventually gains the trust of the North Korean ruling class. This movie is based on a true story. 

I think this movie works well to supplement the stories that Dr. Jung-Kim provided about the confusion that strikes many Koreans when the 38th parallel is established. I would ask the question, "What eventually brings the North and South Korean characters together in the movie?" Students would be asked to research the government during this time, the symbolism of nuclear weapons in an impoverished country, theme of family, the role of power in establishing the history that citizens know, and the disjunction between truth and broadcasted news.