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somewhere between

According to the U.S. State Department, in the period 1999-2012, Americans adopted and brought to the U.S. some 69,326 children from China. (You can look at trends and compare the flow from China with the numbers from elsewhere via this website: . These numbers differ from those cited in the film. Most of the adoptees are girls.) In this 2012 documentary, Linda Goldstein Knowlton spent three years following four of these girls. The film is quite moving and explores many issues associated with all adoptions, plus others associated with adoptions across ethnic lines and across the Pacific. Netflix subscribers can stream the film. It is available from retailers for less than $20. Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times reviewed the film, noting:

"The girls themselves, ages 13 through 15, however, are a different matter [more interesting than their families home movies of them]. It's not just that the participants turn out to be poised, articulate and candid. Their position between cultures — some of them are the only Chinese person in the cities they live in — has made them more than usually thoughtful and self-aware."

I'm curious how those in your classes respond to this film.