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Snowy Road Movie Review

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Snowy Road Movie Review

Title: Snowy Road (Nun-gil)

Director :  Lee Na-Jeong

Writer: Bo-Ra Yoo

Date released: 2015


Synopsis/Review:The Snowy  Road is a story about two girls who get torn from their families and are forced into becoming comfort women during the Japanese occupation. The movie begins with the two young girls (Jong Bun and Young Ae) outdoors in the snow. Young Ae walking on ice  and the other girls running after her and calling out for her. As Young Ae falls into the ice, you see an older woman wake up from the nightmare she had. The movie jumps in and out from the present and past. In the present there is a young girl that is also having financial issues and has no guidance. The survivor tries to look after her. There are so many themes that can be explored with this film: abduction, treatment of women, power dynamics, war atrocities, gender roles, depression, birth control, forced abortions. The survivor is called Granny as a sign of respect in present day. During their horrific experience the girls forge a friendship, Young Ae teaches “granny” to read and write. The girls talk about escaping.  The film does a tasteful job in depicting this experience through the eyes of the two young girls involved. I recommend it.


Application in the classroom: 10th/ 11th /12th  grade 


There was a movement to include the topic of comfort women in 10th grade in California, hence a booklet of resources was created to aid in teaching on the topic, see below for the link. Thus, when discussing Japanese occupation  this film could aid in depicting the visual of topics aforementioned. This video could be used in its entirety or in sections.


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