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Shower Directed by Zhang Yang

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Marcos Rico
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Shower Directed by Zhang Yang

I teach 4th grade, this is a great movie but I cannot show this movie in my class due to some minor nudity scenes. If I could show this movie to my class (get an edited version or parent waivers) I would.  

This great movie can be used to teach about the importance that Bath Houses had on traditional China. Bath Houses were a social center for Chinese men and women beyond just place to take a bath or shower. This movie shows how men would go to the Bath House to take (long) baths, shower, get a massage, have their toe nails trimmed, but also to do business deals, play board games, take naps and participate in the ancient Cricket Fighting (yes, actual crickets fighting each other).

The movie can also be used to show the struggle that Chinese families are facing when sons move away to large cities in search of better paying jobs. It also gives us a great example of what is happening with old traditional neighborhoods, their close knot neighboorhood gets demolished to make room for the new modern China.