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Seoul Train

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Seoul Train

I watched this movie during the break and it was shocking. There is a huge food crisis in North Korea and many people are starving to death. Many people try to flee to China in order to survive and they know that they cannot go back to North Korea afterwards as they will be branded as traitors if they do. The Chinese hunt these North Koreans down and send them back to North Korea. There is, just as there was in our country in the 1800s, an "underground railroad" that aims to transport these refugees out of China to freedom. There were also some startling facts discussed in the films such as the 5-6 inch height difference between North and South Korean seven year olds due to a lack of nutrition. It is a depressing movie detailing the atrocities that North Korea does to those that try to better their lives, such as forced abortions to pregnant refugees. Hopefully, with a new ruler in power, life can get a little better for these North Koreans.