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The Propaganda Game

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Amir Osterweil
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The Propaganda Game

This is an excellent look into the North Korean propaganda machine. It was released in 2015 and was directed by Spanish film maker Alvaro Longorio. He got unprecedented access to film in North Korea is a what was believed by the North Koreans as an attempt to improve thier image. However, he dissects everything he is shown with facts from the outside world. The amazing thing is that he is taken around by Alejandro, a Spanish expat living  in North Korea, now a government spokesman. It is unreal to see how indocterinated Alejandro has become. He originally came to North Korea lurred by its promise of a socialist utopia. Alenadro turly believes that there is a world wide conspiracy lead by the US to make North Korea look bad, and does his best to present a utopian image of North Korea. One of the most stiking scenes is the explanation Alejandro gives as Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and  Kim Jon Un, as "father figures". He is admimant that North Koreans are not brainwashed. This is complimented by images of Kim Il Sung's funeral. All in all this is an excellent documentary I recommend showing if you can spare the 1:30 minutes of class time.