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PBS / Ken Burns The Vietnam War

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PBS / Ken Burns The Vietnam War

I know our class sessions are on the history East Asia, not so much on Southeast Asia, but the first episode in Ken Burn's new series is a very good summary of the region from the 1850s until the Vietnam War.  He goes into colonialism of the region, China's connections and influence on Vietnam from the 1800s, European imperialism, U.S. expansion, World War II and Japanese expansion and then the Cold War issues, particularly the Korean War.  They do a fantastic job of connecting all of these events leading up to the French re-occupying Indochina and then the U.S. involvment, also beginning right after WWII.  Very recommendable program.  I am going to show that episode to my AP World classes and begin the thinking on current events involving these nations today, particularly North Korea, China and Russia.