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Pandora (Modern East Asia)

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Maria Cardenas
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Pandora (Modern East Asia) Trailer

Pandora (2016) is a Korean movie that you can watch in Netflix and it is over 2 hours long. This movie starts with a memory of the characters when they were children and they are talking about the nuclear power plant. One is saying what a blessing it is and the girl said that they would be in trouble if the box opened. Then, the characters are older this took place in a Korean village. The Nuclear Power Plant provides the jobs for the people.

The main character Kang Jae Hyeok, lives with his mother, sister-in-law, and nephew. He doesn’t like the power plant even though he works there. His father and brother died because of the plant.

An earthquake happens and because of it nuclear coolant Unit 2 has been cracked in the power plant. The power plant hasn’t been checked an updated properly. The power plant has a meltdown, which means there is an explosion and radiation has released to the air. What happens next is that politicians or people in power making decisions not to have people worry. But what ends up happening is chaos.

The 25 plant workers who had been exposed to radiation decided to go repair the issue. They are too late. The plant workers decide to make a new tank by blocking the entrance on the lower floor. If they blow the ceiling fuel rods will fall into the new tank. Then they will blow the bottom part of the tank. Kang Jae Hyeok will stay behind to install the bomb while the other block the entrance.  He dies.

This film is pretty long so I would not show them the whole movie. I think it is important to show some of it. I would like for the students to provide examples describing the five themes of geography: Movement, Location, Place, Region, Human-Environment Interaction. In the first 15 minutes Jae Hyeok states how he wants to leave for two years to go to South America and Alaska in a fishing vessel. Students can determine which theme is represented with this example.  I would definitely show them snippets from the movie, like minute 20 when they earthquake began. The video will be played for at least the first hour. The movie talks about the population and how many people are around the power plant in distance. The video does use some profanity so having a conversations with students about the fact won’t shock them or skipping the profanity.